Providing a range of addiction services for any stage of your recovery journey.

As a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor with an extensive background with the 12 Step model of Recovery, I offer my clients the opportunity to work through the 12 Steps with a Therapist, implementing Dr. Rosemary Brown’s method known for her 4th Step algorithm. As a Certified Trauma Professional, some of the prevalent approaches I utilize in treating trauma are IFS and EMDR. Overall, my counseling style can be described as Humanistic and Mindfulness-Based with a proclivity for Experiential Therapy.

Know Freedom.


Individual Counseling

In our hour-long therapy sessions, I will meet you where you are at with individualized care. Individual sessions are available both in person and via telehealth.

Group Counseling

Excelsior Addiction Services offers 3 different groups, so you can benefit from the group dynamic no matter where you are on your journey of Recovery. All group sessions are one hour in duration.

The Foundation: This group is for those in early stages of Recovery, meaning their first four months.

Keeping Your Balance: This group is for the purpose of Relapse Prevention and achieving Emotional Sobriety. This group is designed for people with four months and up of sustained Recovery.

Addictions and Afflictions: This group is for those in need of support in healing underlying hurts and resolving trauma in conjunction with addressing Substance Use Disorders.

Accreditation Supervision

As a Board approved Supervisor, I offer a, “hands on,” approach in providing supervision towards CSAC or CSAC-A.

Supervision is available both in person and via videoconferencing.

About Kevin M. Clark

As a Therapist it is of paramount importance that I provide the individuals I serve with a safe space to promote healing and target core issues.  As a Substance Abuse Counselor with a specialization in treating trauma, I fully understand that addiction is a symptom. I have worked in the Behavioral Health field for 7 years and have over 13 years of personal experience in Recovery. I use an integrative approach providing an individualized treatment experience when counseling and am of the philosophy that there are no hopeless cases.

 My job as your Counselor is to show you the weak spots in your walls and then help you identify your strengths so you can break those walls down. I want you to know that you deserve to be free and do not have to stay stuck anymore.


“I was very skeptical of seeking counseling to help me stay sober. Kevin has a very laid back non judging style that allows me to open up and seek the counseling/help I needed and need. 

Kevin’s work with me has helped me stay sober in ways I couldn’t have imagined. His work has helped guide me to manage my stress and anxiety. I’ve discovered underlying issues that I wasn’t conscious of. Kevin helped me map out a lifetime of sobriety. His medium cool style is very relaxing and makes it easy to open up and get down to the core issues.

His work has been crucial in seeing my sobriety as a manageable journey and not some disastrous and unexpected ride of twists and turns full of anxiety and fear. Before meeting with Kevin I wasn’t sure how to handle sobriety or stay sober. After working with Kevin I have the tools at hand to make living sober a daily reality.”


“Before I started seeing Kevin I would always go to therapy because I was “supposed to” but now I actually look forward to it. My mindset has really changed for the better since I’ve started seeing him and it’s helped my ptsd symptoms a ton, which has also improved chronic illnesses I have. Overall my attitude has really changed like done a 180 from being negative about everything to feeling way more positive and calm and grateful. I’m more active in AA too. Even my friends and family have noticed the improvements I’ve made and I’ve recommended a ton of people to go and see him if they’re looking for a therapist.”


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